Program 356: Disappearing Places USA; The Irish Sea

Release Date: 03-01-2014


Hear about the threats to iconic places in the United States that the World Monuments Fund has added to its latest "watch list" of endangered places. Guides from Wales and Ireland share their favorite highlights of the Irish Sea that unites the Celtic lands of Britain and Ireland. Also, get a wee taste of Irish storytelling prowess.


  • World Monuments Fund USA project coordinator Frank Sanchis
  • Martin DeLewandowicz, tour guide based in Wales
  • Stephen McPhilemy, tour guide based in Northern Ireland
  • Irish storytelling feature from Travel with Rick Steves producer Sarah McCormic 

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Program Extras

More with Frank Sanchis - Frank Sanchis explains how his job is to advocate for preserving significant sites, and how the World Monuments Fund is funded, and how they're looking to work with the National Park Sservice to raise funds to preserve the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. (runs 1:14)