Program 357: Chachapoyas, Peru; Embedded; Exploring Andalucía

Release Date: 03-08-2014


This week, we'll learn about the pre-Inca sites of the northern Peru cloud forest, where the tourist crowds of Cuzco are hundreds of miles away. Also, a radio journalist describes what it was like to be embedded with the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he got to observe the day to day lives of soldiers in the green zone, and guides from Spain explain how the southern region of Andalucía is a soulful home to many of the time-honored traditions of Spain.


  • Lonely Planet Peru writer Carolina Miranda
  • public radio producer Jake Warga
  • Madrid-based tour guides Federico Garcia Barroso and Javier Menor

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Program Extras

Pgm 357 extra 1 - Journalist Jake Warga elaborates on his experience as an "embedded" visitor, covering the lives of soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones, and even sleeping in one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces. Plus, caller Tom from California explains how he dealt with boredom while in service during the US military surge in Iraq. (runs 7:00)

Pgm 357 extra 2 - Rick and Spanish tour guides Federico Garcia Barroso and Javier Menor reveal how people cope with the heat of summer in southern Spain. (runs 2:54)