Program 362: Disappearing Places and Art in Place in the Americas; Sacred New Mexico

Release Date: 04-19-2014


Listen in as we chat about experiencing impressive site-specific art in the Americas, then learn about endangered heritage sites in Latin America and Iberia. We'll also explore some quiet "sacred places" scattered across New Mexico’s dramatic landscapes.


  • Norma Barbacci, Latin America and Iberia coordinator for the World Monuments Fund
  • Amanda Renshaw, editor of "Art and Place:  Site Specific Art of the Americas"  (Phaedon)
  • Christina Nealson, author of "New Mexico's Sanctuaries, Retreats, and Sacred Places" (Wildwords), and "Drive Me Wild: A Western Odyssey" (Wildwords)

Related Links

  • The  World Monuments Fund "2014 Watch List" has added 67 heritage sites in 41 countries to their list of sites requiring protection.
  • Some of the sites Norma Barbacci discusses include the Chan Chan buffer zone in Peru, the historic center of Seville, Spain, and the Ruta de la Amistad in Mexico City.  
  • Amanda Renshaw edited the book "Art and Place," profiling site-specific art in the Americas, published by Phaidon.