Program 365: World War One Sites in Britain and the Balkans; Southern American Road Food

Release Date: 05-24-2014


To mark the centenary of the start of World War I, we'll hear how the British are remembering the Great War, and what's afoot in London this year, where WWI sites, events, and memorials make good on the British promise to "never forget." Then we'll visit the areas of the former Yugoslavia, where the war started, to hear what it's like today. We'll also get a taste of the best regional foods you can enjoy on a road trip across the Southern US, from "Road Food" specialists Jane and Michael Stern.


  • Tom Hooper, tour guide based in London
  • Roy Nicholls, tour guide and historian based in Dorset, England
  • Gillian Chadwick, tour guide based in London
  • Amir Telebecirovic, journalist and tour guide based in Sarajavo
  • Ben Curtis, associate professor of political science at Seattle University, and author of "A Traveller's History of Croatia (Interlink)" and "The Habsburgs: The History of a Dynasty. (Bloomsbury)"
  • Jane Stern and Michael Stern, authors of "RoadFood" (9th edition published by Clarkson Potter)

Related Links

  • The Imperial War Museums have an online list of events for the First World War Centenary in Britain.
  • The British National Archives have extensive online information about the First World War.
  • The BBC have produced an informative web page about the First World War and how it is remembered in Britain, including the significance of the Cenotaph monument in Whitehall.
  • The Grave of the Unknown Warrior is in Westminster Abbey.   
  • A Guardian columnist writes about visiting many of the war monuments in London. 
  • Ben Curtis is the author of "A Traveller's History of Croatia" and "The Habsburgs: The History of a Dynasty."   
  • Amir recommends Noel Malcolm's book, "Bosnia: A Short History" to better understand the region's complicated history and alliances. 
  • A "Sarajevo Rose" is a nickname for mortar shell imprint in the streets of Sarajavo during the war in the 1990s, which you can see today across the city. 
  • "Erasmus+"  is a youth education program sponsored by the European Union.
  • Jane and Michael Stern have updated their "RoadFood" directory.  The 9th edition of RoadFood's "coast-to-coast guide to 900 of the best barbecue joints, lobster shacks, ice cream parlors, highway diners, etc," is published by Clarkson Potter. It is also now available as an E-book

Program Extras

More with Jane and Michael Stern - Rick talks with Jane and Michael Stern about how regional food specialties change across the country, even within a state, and why Southern cooks are the best at making biscuits and gravy. Rick also shares his impressions of a diner he recently visited in North Dakota. (runs 5:03)