Program 370: New York City Like a Local; Savannah; Key West

Release Date: 07-05-2014


Discover a great American getaway as Pauline Frommer shares some of her favorite tips for enjoying New York City like a local, and hear about the pleasures of Savannah, Georgia, where artistic energy mixes with the antebellum architecture of the Old South…then travel farther south to learn how legendarily bohemian Key West continues to delight visitors today.


  • Pauline Frommer, author of "Frommers 2014 Easy Guide to New York"
  • Tour guide Rick Garman
  • Boston University journalism professor William McKeen, author of "Mile Marker Zero"  (Crown)

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Haiku Awards

"Portlandia" Haiku 


come to haystack rock
creatures of air, land, and sea
feel the energy
— Cyndi Williams, Grapevine, Texas 


Beauty unrivaled
Fir trees stretch to kiss the sky
Portland, Oregon!
— Jillian Leslie, Sherwood,  Oregon


Early morning dark
Greying velvet afternoon
Effortlessly Tao
— Leslie De Lucia of Urbana, Illinois


Hard on the issues,
Portland soft on the people,
Green, kinder, gentler.
—  Charles Maclean, Portland, Oregon