Program 373: Isles of Britain; Scottish Secession; Challenges for Working Women in Europe

Release Date: 08-02-2014


Martin Clunes, star of the Doc Martin TV series, tells us what he discovered while filming a documentary on the far flung outposts and islands that surround Great Britain. Voters in Scotland are considering particular issues as they prepare to vote on whether or not to secede from the United Kingdom. Also, working mothers from Sweden, Slovenia, and France contrast the challenges they face in their countries.


  • Actor Martin Clunes, host of "Islands of Britain" (ITV Productions)
  • Scotland-based tour guides Anne Doig, Colin Mairs, and Liz Lister
  • Ylva da Silva, tour guide based in Stockholm
  • Tina Hiti, tour guide from Lake Bled, Slovenia
  • Julie Sonveau, American-born tour guide based in Burgundy, France

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Program Extras

More with Tina Hiti - Rick asks Tina Hiti from Slovenia, Julie Sonveau from France, and Ylva da Silva from Sweden how women are portrayed on TV and in the media in their countries. (runs 2:49)