Program 381: Italy By Train; Italy North and South

Release Date: 10-11-2014


In Italy, the journey is always an adventure. Author Tim Parks helps us appreciate how the Italian rail system works, and why it's more than mere transportation. Plus, a pair of tour guides from opposite parts of Italy highlight the differences you'll notice — and even enjoy — between the north and the south of their country.


  • Tim Parks, author of "Italian Ways: On and Off the Rails from Milan to Palermo"  (Norton)
  • Riccardo Panareo and Aldo Valerio, tour guides based in Italy
  • Gene Openshaw, art and history specialist, and co-author of "Rick Steves' Europe 101"

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  • One of the Italian hill towns that caller Ruth in the web extra explored was Torre Alfina.
  • Gene Openshaw co-authors Rick's art and history book, "Europe 101."
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Program Extras

Pgm 381 extra - A listener in Pennsylvania talks with Rick, Aldo and Riccardo about her trip to 21 Italian hill towns in 21 days, and her desire to return to explore her husband's family origins in the north. (runs 5:45)