Program 383: Live Like a Spaniard; Buenos Aires; Feedback Open Phones

Release Date: 11-01-2014


Hear about why Buenos Aires is one of the world’s most popular cities from an American who's made Argentina his home.  Then learn how to fit in with the locals in Spain, where the daily rhythms of life beat differently than they do in the US.  And listeners follow up with Rick about what they've heard in recent episodes of this show.


  • Amanda Buttinger and Federico Garcia Barroso, tour guides based in Madrid
  • Robert Wright, tour guide based in Argentina

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Program Extras

More with Robert Wright - Rick and Argentina guide Robert Wright talk further with caller Jake from southern California about how the economic situation in Argentina might impact visitors, and how offering to pay for larger items in US dollars is part of an "informal economy" that many Argentines participate in. (runs 4:36)