Program 389: European New Year's; Spanish Wine; Alexander's Lost World

Release Date: 12-27-2014


Hear how people in Sweden, Croatia, Wales, and Scotland welcome in the new year, then learn how Spanish wines are making a splash — and get tips for pairing up its major varietals. And listen in as an Australian photojournalist describes how his expeditions in Central Asia led him to new insights on Alexander the Great.


  • Marita Bergman, tour guide from Stockholm
  • Marijan Kriskovic, Croatian tour guide
  • Martin deLewandowicz, Welsh tour guide 
  • Anne Doig and Ken Hanley, tour guides from Edinburgh, Scotland   
  • Nygil Murrell and Javier Menor, tour guides based in Madrid
  • Photojournalist David Adams, host of "Alexander's Lost World" 

Related Links

  • Nygil Murrell is a tour guide and sommelier in Spain.  His company is called Madrid Tours & Tastings.
  • Ribera del Duero and Toro are wine regions in Spain's northern plateau that Javier and Nigel mention. Cava, from Catalunya, is the popular Spanish alternative to champagne. 
  • David Adams notes that the work of the late archeologist Viktor Sarianidi uncovered important history in Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.