Program 391a: Lake Titicaca; Latino America; South Carolina Low Country

Release Date: 06-18-2016


Explore the heritage of the South Carolina Low Country, home to resorts, historical centers, and plenty of rice and seafood. Discover how you can stay high in the Andes with an indigenous family, right on the lake where Incas believe life began. Learn how Latinos in the United States are gaining influence — and what politicians need to understand to earn their vote.


  • Los Angeles Times columnist Carolina Miranda
  • UCLA professor Matt Barreto, co-author of “Latino America" (Public Affairs Books) and co-founder of Latino Decisions
  • Tour guide Rick Garman

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Program Extras

Pgm 391a extra - Rick learns from travel writer Carolina Miranda how the people who live around Lake Titicaca use coca leaves, and how a curious traveler might experience them. And Carolina describes a timeless Lake Titicaca moment on a floating island at sunset. (runs 2:31)