Program 393: Convent Inns of Italy; Travels with the Band; Protecting the Pacific

Release Date: 01-31-2015


Find out what's been threatening the mid-Pacific...and what’s being done to protect it. Then learn about an unusual — and often comfortable — alternative to hotels and B&Bs: convents and monasteries, many of which welcome travelers in some of the world’s prime locales. And listen in while the man behind The Long Winters tells tales from his band’s tours around Europe, and reveals where they’ve found the biggest fans for American rock and roll.


  • Trish Clark, author of the Good Night and God Bless guidebooks
  • John Roderick, lead guitarist, vocalist, and manager of The Long Winters
  • Dr. Elliott Norse, chief scientist at the Marine Conservation Institute
  • Dr. Lance Morgan, president of the Marine Conservation Institute

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Program Extras

More with Dr. Elliot Norse - Dr. Elliot Norse, chief scientist at the Marine Conservation Institute, talks about his organization’s plan to expand on their work to create a global refuge system to protect oceans all over the planet. (runs 1:45)