Program 396: Belgium's Split Personality; Scotland Post-Referendum; the Lusitania

Release Date: 02-21-2015


Get personal insights on what persuaded the Scottish people to vote 'Nae' in their recent independence referendum, and hear an overview of the two personalities that comprise Belgium. Then listen in as we learn more about the doomed Lusitania, which was sunk off the coast of Ireland 100 years ago this year, and about some of Europe's greatest unfinished artistic masterpieces.


  • Hilbren Buys, lecturer in geo-politics at the European Communications School in Brussels
  • Anne Doig, tour guide based in Edinburgh
  • Colin Mairs, tour guide based in Glasgow
  • Liz Lister, tour guide based in Fife, Scotland
  • Barry Moloney, tour guide based in Kinsale, Ireland
  • Gene Openshaw, co-author of "Rick Steves' Europe 101" (Avalon Books)

Related Links

  • Julia Child developed a recipe for Flemish "waterzooi" stew
  • Wikipedia has details on the outcome of the September 2014 independence referendum in Scotland. 
  • The Herald wrote about "Devo Max" polling trends, a few weeks after the referendum.
  • Scotland guides Liz Lister and Colin Mairs have information about their tour guiding services on their websites.  
  • Barry Moloney leads walking tours of Kinsale.
  • Information and photos about salvage and recovery efforts of the Lusitania wreckage are compiled by historians in Britain.  It includes a link to an alphabetical passenger list, and their fates. 
  • The Old Signal Tower project is attempting to raise funds to restore the lighthouse on the closest point of land to where the Lusitania sank.  Their website includes contact information, and plans for marking the centennial of the disaster on May 7, 2015, by blowing the ship's whistle at the site of the proposed Lusitania Museum.  
  • Barry Moloney reports that there will also be a number of "Lusitania-themed" events and centennial observances at nearby Courtmacsherry and in Cobh.
  • The nearby Cobh Heritage Museum has exhibits on the sinking of Lusitania, and many of those killed are buried nearby.   The museum is in the building that was the last stop for passengers to board the Titanic in 1912.   
  • The unfinished prisoners statues by Michaelangelo are located in the entrance to his famous David at the Accademia in Florence.
  • Rick and Gene also talk about unfinished cathedral construction, considering the mis-matched spires of Chartres Cathedral in France, the size of Siena Cathedral in Italy, and progress toward completion of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.