Program 402: Gardens of England; Quiet Places in the City; The Wilderness Act

Release Date: 04-25-2015


We'll look at the benefits of an unspoiled wilderness, 50 years after the passage of the Wilderness Act. We also get tips for locating quiet places to catch your breath in the middle of busy Paris, London, and New York. Then tour guides from England recommend their favorites among Britain's most spectacular garden parks, and we examine the impact of the first Earth Day, 45 years ago.


  • Tom Hooper, tour guide based in London
  • Roy Nicholls, tour guide based in rural Dorset
  • Gillian Chadwick, tour guide based near London
  • Siobhan Wall, author of the “Quiet Places” guides (published by Francis Lincoln)
  • Naturalist Gary Ferguson, author of  "The Carry Home" (Counterpoint)
  • Commentary from Denis Hayes, President of the Bullit Foundation

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Program Extras

More about Paris' bus system - A caller from Chino Hills, California tells Rick how he found an oasis in Paris on the city's bus system. (runs 1:47)

More with Gary Ferguson - Rick and naturalist author Gary Ferguson discuss the need for everybody to understand how dependent we all are on the earth's complex natural eco-systems. (runs 1:16)