Program 405: What Italians Are Talking About; Visiting England's Estate Houses

Release Date: 05-30-2015


Get insider tips for which of Britain's many tourable historic mansions and stately homes are the most rewarding to visit, and which of those offer the chance to meet the lord or lady of the manor. Plus, guides from Rome and Sicily give us a local's take on the Italian hot-topic issues their neighbors are discussing at the corner café: the red tape, high unemployment, and influx of refugees that are all straining the government's ability to manage.


  • Tommaso Pante, tour guide based in Sicily
  • Nina Bernardo, tour guide based in Rome
  • Gillian Chadwick, tour guide based near London
  • Roy Nicholls, tour guide based in Dorset, England

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Haiku Awards

Three day plane delay. 

Honeymoon in Halifax.

Could have just driven.

     -- Sarah Houston Toll, Dyersburg, Tennessee


Closed the pub last night.

Husband hikes Wicklow alone.

I sleep in the car.

     -- Kim Everding, Saint Louis, Missouri


Hertz never found out

driving through the Pyrenees

someone vomited.

            -- Nora Sturges, Baltimore, Maryland