Program 408: Europe's Royal Families; Agatha Christie's Grand Tour; Walking Dublin

Release Date: 06-13-2015


Just in time for "Bloomsday," a Dublin tour guide takes us on an audio walk past the city's must-see sights for fans of James Joyce's "Ulysses." Then we hear about Agatha Christie's 1922 Grand Tour to promote the British Empire, as told to her grandson. And we take a close look at how World War I upended the roles of Europe's monarchies.


  • Ben Curtis, associate professor of political science at Seattle University, and author of "The Habsburgs: The History of a Dynasty"  (Bloomsbury)
  • Mathew Prichard, grandson of author Agatha Christie, and editor of "The Grand Tour:  Around the World with the Queen of Mystery"  (Harper)
  • Joe Darcy, tour guide based in Dublin

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Program Extras

Pgm 408 extra - Joe Darcy tells Rick that the unfinished office building of the former Anglo-Irish Bank in Dublin remains as evidence of the financial hit Ireland endured, after banking malpractice brought an end to the country's "Celtic Tiger" economic boom. The building is now being refurbished as the new headquarters for the Central Bank of Ireland. (runs 1:06)