Program 409: Insider's Guide to Venice; Touring Norway

Release Date: 06-20-2015


Explore the charming backstreets of Venice as local guides offer insider advice for avoiding the crush of tourists. Experience the elegance of Venice from its breathtakingly beautiful architecture to its quiet neighborhoods. Also, while Norway tops the list of expensive countries, we'll get budget tips for enjoying Europe's most dramatic coastal scenery.


  • Stacy Gibboni, tour guide based in Venice   
  • Pål Bjarne Johansen, tour guide based in Oslo   
  • Lisa Rybloom, tour guide specialist to Norway

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Haiku Awards

Early morning rain
Wet sheen on the cobble stones
A slippery stroll

Dark-eyed Italian
Shows us her citta bella
We hang on each word

High tide floods the square
But music and dance go on
the night is magic.

Birthday in Venice
Prosecco in St. Mark’s Square
Makes me grow younger.
— Michael Richardson, Denver, Colorado