Program 410: Marrying An American; Flatlands; Sightseeing Communist History

Release Date: 07-04-2015


Guides from Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic tell us about some of the sites you can visit to get a feel for the Communist era in central and eastern Europe. We'll also explore the allure of a road trip in flatlands, where the unobstructed view makes the sky seem closer. And hear what kind of cross-cultural issues emerge when Europeans marry Americans.


  • David Tordi, tour guide and musician, based in Orvieto, Italy
  • Roy Nicholls, tour guide and historian, based in the Dorset region of southern England
  • Travel writer Robert Reid
  • George Farkas, Katerina Svobodová, and Beata McCommas, tour guides raised in former Warsaw Pact communist countries of eastern central Europe

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