Program 410b: Marrying an American; Flatlands; Sightseeing Communist History

Release Date: 04-29-2023


Hear what kind of cross-cultural issues emerge when Europeans marry Americans, then listen in as we discuss the allure of a road trip around America's Great Plains, where unobstructed views make the sky seem closer. And get tips on the best places to visit in Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic for a sense of life behind the Iron Curtain, now a generation in the past.


  • David Tordi, tour guide and musician, based in Orvieto, Italy
  • Roy Nicholls, tour guide and historian, based in the Dorset region of southern England
  • Travel writer / TV host Robert Reid
  • George Farkas, Katerina Svobodova, and Beata McCommas, tour guides raised in former Warsaw Pact communist countries of Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.

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