Program 417: Scandinavian Smackdown; Road Trips with the Green Book

Release Date: 09-05-2015


Did you hear the one about the Swede, the Norwegian, and the Dane? Hear about what Scandinavians tend to think about their Nordic neighbors, and the sometimes not-so-subtle differences that help give each country its distinct identity. Then listen in for the story of the special travel guide that African Americans relied on in the mid-20th century to find a welcome when traveling out of town within the US.


  • Pal Johansen, tour guide from Norway
  • Asa Danielsson, tour guide from Sweden
  • Jane Klausen, former tour guide, originally from Denmark
  • Travel writer Christopher Solomon
  • Playwright Calvin Alexander Ramsey, author of "Ruth and the Green Book" (Carolrhoda Picture Books) 

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Haiku Awards

Graffiti on freights
High up in the Siskyous.
Travelling art show.
— Phyllis Baker, Seattle

Louisiana's longest street
Great people along the way to meet
500 miles peddled to complete.
— Jeff Sibley, Central City, Louisiana

Choose Sand or Asphalt
Cars along Shore or Race Track
Daytona Beach, Wow!
— Gail Weinstein, Port Orange, Florida

Up to Michigan
Ah, sullen teenage daughter
Karma strikes again.
— Karen Albright, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Program Extras

More with Princess Martha Louise - Rick conversed with Princess Martha Louise of Norway on Travel with Rick Steves program #50 in 2006 during the 100th anniversary of the current monarchy in Norway. In this feature, the princess explains to Rick how her children's book, “Why Kings and Queens Don’t Wear Crowns,” helps to explain the modern realities of being a member of a royal family. (runs 16:18)