Program 428: The Joy of Pasta; European New Year's Traditions; Swiss Party

Release Date: 12-26-2015


Hear about New Year's customs and superstitions of Belgium, Portugal, Turkey, Wales, the Netherlands, Spain, Sicily, Hungary, and Scotland. Then brighten your New Year with new tips for pairing the right kind of pasta and sauce, and learn the dos and don’ts of attending a dinner party in Switzerland.


  • Stacy Gibboni, tour guide from Venice, Italy 
  • Caterina Moore, tour guide to Italy
  • Nina Dierckx and Ferdi Menghi, guides from Belgium
  • Cristina Duarte, tour guide from Lisbon, Portugal  
  • Mehlika Seval, tour guide from Izmir, Turkey   
  • Martin deLewandowicz, tour guide from Wales 
  • Elisabeth van Heist, Dutch-raised tour guide from Paris
  • Federico García Barroso, tour guide from Madrid, Spain
  • Diccon Bewes, author of "Swiss Watching" and "Slow Train to Switzerland" (Nicholas Brealey Publishing)
  • Alfio di Mauro and Tommaso Pante, tour guides from Sicily
  • Etelka Perine-Barecz and Levante Nagy, tour guides from Hungary
  • Ken Hanley and Anne Doig, tour guides from Edinburgh, Scotland

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