Program 437: Speaking in Irish; Ireland 2016; Lingo of Europe

Release Date: 03-12-2016


Linguist Gaston Dorren tells us how languages reveal the personalities and history of the lands in which we travel. We'll also learn how the once-banned Irish language has reclaimed its role at the heart of Irish identity, then listen in as guides from Ireland help travelers prepare for their next trips to the Emerald Isle.


  • Dara Herlihy, tour guide and co-owner of the Dingle Music Shop in Dingle, Ireland 
  • Stephen McPhilemy, Irish tour guide, originally from Derry
  • Pascal Fitzpatrick, Irish tour guide from County Monaghan
  • Gaston Dorren, author of "Lingo:  Around Europe in Sixty Languages"  (Atlantic Monthly Press)

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Program Extras

More with Gaston Dorren - A caller from Reno, Nevada shares a story with Rick and linguist Gaston Dorren about a misunderstanding of what the High German-speaking people were saying to him in Switzerland and Austria. They provide more examples of language disconnects. (runs 3:23)