Program 445: Paul Theroux Deep South; More World War I Sites

Release Date: 05-28-2016


Author Paul Theroux shares the insights he gleaned about America from the people he met in the small towns and backroads of the Deep South. Then history professor Mark D. Van Ells returns with more suggestions for visiting places that honor the sacrifices of Allied troops in World War I.


  • Travel writer Paul Theroux, author of "Deep South" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
  • Mark D. Van Ells, author of "America and World War One: A Traveler's Guide" (Interlink)

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Program Extras

More with Mark Van Ells - <p>Rick talks with history Professor Mark Van Ells from City University of New York about how the trench warfare strategies of World War I lagged behind developments in military technology. The &quot;Great War&quot; also provided training for many of the famous military leaders of World War II. (runs 3:54)</p>