Program 447a: Hungarian Hot Springs; Peru's Boiling River; Padua

Release Date: 06-23-2018


Hear how people of all ages enjoy a day at the baths in Budapest, where doctors commonly prescribe a relaxing day at the spa. Then learn about a sacred geothermal river located deep in Amazonian Peru: It's huge, deadly hot, and might contain clues to the origins of life on Earth. And get advice for enjoying the splendor of Padua, located just half an hour from the crowds of Venice, and home to one of Europe's oldest universities.


  • George Farkas, tour guide based in Budapest
  • Peter Polczman, tour guide based in Budapest
  • Geothermal scientist Andres Ruzo, author of "The Boiling River" (TED Books) and founder of The Boiling River Foundation
  • Cristina Pernechele, tour guide based in Padua, Italy

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Program Extras

More with Andrés Ruzo - Rick asks geoscientist Andrés Ruzo about his acceptance by the indigenous people who live near the boiling river in the Peruvian Amazon. The Asháninka people call the river Shanay-timpishka, or "boiled with the heat of the sun." Andres also relates a story about the fears of a jungle guide, who made them turn back. (runs 2:22)