Program 449: Siena Palio; Mississippi Delta; Asian-American Immigration Stories

Release Date: 07-02-2016


Art-history scholar and tour guide Anna Piperato tells us how Siena’s high-spirited Palio horse race is a high point of the Tuscan summertime. Then author Richard Grant shares road-trip recommendations for a blues-inspired pilgrimage to the Mississippi Delta, and historian Erika Lee discusses how newcomers from Asia are making an impact on the US.  


  • Anna Piperato, Italian-American art history professor and tour guide from Siena, Italy
  • Richard Grant, author of "Dispatches from Pluto"  (Simon and Schuster)
  • Erika Lee, director of the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota, and author of  "The Making of Asian America"  (Simon & Schuster)

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Haiku Awards

Delta fine dining
pulled pork sandwich and salad
with comeback dressing

Highway 61
headlights pierce delta darkness
Crossroads at midnight
— Deborah Guy, Columbus, Ohio


I went for a walk
Twenty some odd years later
I came home again.
— Larry Berger, Sinks Grove, West Virginia


It's time to come home,
dear daughter, world traveler.
No more Skype for me!
— Sarah Tuttle, Corvallis, Oregon

Program Extras

Program 449 extra - Anna Piperato explains the centuries-old superstitions and rivalries of the Palio race in Siena. (runs 2:09)