Program 452a: Slow Train to Switzerland; Artists Safari; Joys of Travel

Release Date: 08-25-2018


In what was the beginning of the packaged tour, find out how middle class Victorian-era tourists from England enjoyed the Swiss Alps. Examine the emotional benefits of travel that last well after you return home. Plus, a painter shares how going on an artist's safari has deepened his love of African wildlife.


  • Diccon Bewes, author of "Slow Train to Switzerland" (Nicholas Brealey Publishing) and "How to Be Swiss" (Schwabe)
  • Wildlife artist Fred Krakowiak, author of "The Artist's Safari: Capturing Africa with Pen, Lens, and Paintbrush" and "Tracking Your Inner Maverick" (self-published)
  • Travel writer Thomas Swick, author of "The Joys of Travel"  (Skyhorse Publishing)

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