Program 456: Bear Trekking; Wilderness Edens; Juan Villoro's Mexico City Insider

Release Date: 09-03-2016


Rick interviews ecologist Chris Morgan who says that saving the habitat for bears can save the planet for the rest of us. Get a taste of what wildlife photographer Marty Essen encountered from the Arctic Refuge to the Florida Everglades. Author Juan Villoro explains why soccer is as important as religion and shares an insider's perspective on life in today's Mexico City.


  • Ecologist and filmmaker Chris Morgan 
  • Marty Essen, author of “Cool Creatures, Hot Planet” (self-published:  Encante Press)
  • Mexico City-based writer and journalist Juan Villoro, author of "The Guilty" (George Braziller Inc.)

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Program Extras

More with Juan Villoro - Mexico City-based author and social critic Juan Villoro explains how several European powerhouse soccer teams seem to reflect their national cultures. (runs 3:01)