Program 460: More Skyfaring; Marta Dusseldorp's Australia Home; Wieners

Release Date: 10-15-2016


One of Australia's leading actors tells us what it means to explore the post-war 1950s and what she loves best about living in Sydney today. Also, a transcontinental pilot returns to further explore the marvels of jet travel. Plus, tour guides from Berlin explain why Germans love a good sausage no matter the time of day.


  • Pilot Mark Vanhoenacker, author of "Skyfaring"  (Knopf)
  • Actor Marta Dusseldorp, star of TV series "A Place to Call Home" and "Janet King" 
  • Iris Andre and Matthias Unger, tour guides based in Berlin

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Program Extras

More with Mark Vanhoenacker - Rick asks pilot Mark Vanhoenacker why planes usually fly just above the clouds. (runs 1:40)