Program 461a: Dracula's Romania; Discriminating London Guide; Travel Kindnesses

Release Date: 10-19-2019


Find out about the ruthless 15th-century prince behind the Dracula legend, still a major source of tourism for Romania. Then get introduced to some of London's more sophisticated establishments, where you can dine and dress like a real gentleman or lady. And enjoy a taste of Diwali, India's "festival of lights" — plus hear from other listeners about unforgettable people they've met in their travels.


  • Travel writer Leif Pettersen, author of "Backpacking with Dracula" (self-published)
  • Fashion editor James Sherwood, author of "James Sherwood's Discriminating Guide to London" (Thames and Hudson)
  • Meera Subramanian, author of "A River Runs Again" (Public Affairs Books)

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