Program 464: Hungarian Food; Harvest Time in Provence; Reproach of Hunger

Release Date: 11-19-2016


Two tour guides from Budapest tell us about Hungary's spicy culinary traditions, then author Marjorie R. Williams shares tips for finding exceptional seasonal produce — and great souvenirs — in the south of France. And policy analyst David Rieff joins Rick to discuss which efforts are proving the most effective in the push to reduce hunger and malnutrition around the world.


  • George Farkas, tour guide based in Budapest
  • Peter Polczman, tour guide based in Budapest
  • Marjorie R. Williams, author of " Markets of Provence" (St. Martin's Griffin)
  • David Rieff, author of  “The Reproach of Hunger”  (Simon & Schuster) 

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Program Extras

More with David Rieff - David Rieff, author of "The Reproach of Hunger," talks further with Rick about the role of corporate philanthropy in the U.S. in fighting global hunger. (runs 3:16)