Program 471: Cuba on the Line; Trespassing Across America

Release Date: 01-14-2017


Two Americans who've made their living in Cuba shed light on the influence Americans have there, then author Ken Ilgunas describes the 1700-mile trek he made on foot from Alberta to Texas in hopes of getting a local perspective on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.


  • Brin-Jonathan Butler, author of "The Domino Diaries" (Picador) 
  • Christopher P Baker, Cuba tour guide and author of Cuba guidebooks for Moon and National Geographic Traveler
  • Ken Ilgunas, author of "Trespassing Across America" and "Walden on Wheels"  (Blue Rider Press)

Related Links

  • "The Domino Diaries" is published by Picador-MacMillan.
  • Brin-Jonathan Butler's documentary "Split Decision" is about Cuban boxing legand Guillermo Rigondeaux and the decisions Cuban boxers have had to make about their lives and careers.
  • The New York Times wrote a profile about Brin in December 2016.
  • Christopher P Baker posts blog updates from Cuba on his website
  • Rick spoke with Chris in the middle of one of the National Geographic Expeditions tours he leads in Cuba. 
  • Chris' motorcycle tours of Cuba are organized through Moto Discovery.
  • It's commonly expected that Miguel Diaz Canel will eventually become the next head of state of Cuba.
  • Ken Ilgunas' website. His book, "Trespassing Across America" is published by Penguin-Random House, and will be released in paperback February 7. A review by the Los Angeles Times includes photos from Ken's trip. 
  • Wikipedia discusses the controversies with the Keystone XL pipeline, and TransCanada-Keystone XL maps the proposed route extension through Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska.
  • Ken notes that the organization continues to campaign against a number of fossil fuel pipeline proposals as a way to combat the effects of climate change.

Program Extras

More with Ken Ilgunas - Rick and a listener in Massachusetts talk with Ken Ilgunas, author of "Trespassing Across America," about how he still hitch hikes legally across America. (runs 1:53)