Program 473: Becoming a Road-Trip Pilgrim; China Tourism; Nationalism in Europe

Release Date: 02-04-2017


Discover the rewards of being a "road-trip pilgrim," as explained by author Dan Austin. Then journalist Elizabeth Becker describes how China's mandatory Golden Week holidays have boosted the worldwide travel industry, and how China's investments in tourism are paying off. And a panel of Europeans discuss how the recent rise of populist politics is playing out across the European Union.


  • Dan Austin, author of "True Fans" and "The Road Trip Pilgrim's Guide," and co-founder of the 88 Bikes Foundation
  • Journalist Elizabeth Becker, author of "Overbooked"  (Simon and Schuster)
  • Fabian Rueger, tour guide to Germany
  • Nina Bernardo, tour guide to Italy
  • Patrick Vidal, tour guide to France

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