Program 478: Versailles; Being French; Understanding Israel in 60 Days or Less

Release Date: 03-25-2017


Rick and two French guides offer tips for planning a visit to the royal palace of Versailles and discuss contemporary issues facing France. Graphic Novelist Sarah Glidden discusses her first trip to Israel on a Birthright tour.


  • Patrick Vidal, tour guide based in Brittany, France
  • Julie Sonveau, tour guide based in Burgundy, France
  • Sarah Glidden, author/illustrator of "How To Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less" and "Rolling Blackouts" (Drawn and Quarterly)

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Program Extras

Pgm 478 extra - A caller from Vancouver, Washington reminds Rick and his French tour guide guests Patrick Vidal and Julie Sonveau, to also explore the gardens and countryside when visiting Versailles. She tells us what she enjoyed about the Marie Antoinette Hamlet, where the queen created her own version of country life. (runs 1:54)