Program 488: Enjoy Your Seat; Lisbon Neighborhoods; Buenos Aires Bio

Release Date: 06-24-2017


Tune in as Rick gets tips from frequent traveler Wendy on how to actually enjoy a long-distance flight in coach. Then we'll hear expert advice from Lisbon-based tour guides for enjoying the intimate neighborhoods of Portugal's historic capital. And learn about the mix of European elegance and Latin culture that led architecture critic James Gardner to buy an apartment in Argentina's fascinating capital city.


  • Wendy E. Simmons, author of "My Holiday In North Korea" (Rosetta Books)
  • Cristina Duarte and Rafael Pereira, tour guides from Lisbon
  • James Gardner, author of  "Buenos Aires: The Biography of a City" (St. Martin's Press)

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Program Extras

More with James Gardner - <p>James Gardner, the author of &quot;Buenos Aires: The Biography of a City,&quot; tells Rick how the political history of Argentina turns nostalgia into something of an institution in Buenos Aires. (runs 4:23)</p>