Program 491: 35 Miles from North Korea; Detroit Sightseeing; Being Slovenian

Release Date: 07-22-2017


Author and Seoul-based foreign correspondent Michael Breen discusses how his fellow South Koreans regard their cousins to the north. Then a tour guide from Detroit shares some of the joys of exploring her lively city as it recovers its status as a cultural hub for the Midwest. And hear how peace-loving Slovenians compare themselves to their various, better-known neighbors.


  • Michael Breen, author of  "The New Koreans: The Story of A Nation" (Thomas Dunne Books)
  • Julia Slatcher, Detroit tour guide
  • Tina Hiti and Marijan Krišković, tour guides from Slovenia
  • Jennifer Wilson, author of "Running Away to Home" (St. Martin's Press)