Program 497: Naples; Human Trafficking; What's New in Oslo

Release Date: 09-09-2017


Get insider advice for enjoying Naples — home to what has to be the liveliest street scene in Italy — without feeling put off by its in-your-face energy. Then listen in as a leading expert on international terrorism explains how and why groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda have turned to human trafficking and kidnapping. Plus, hear a tour guide from Oslo's freshest tips for visiting Norway's nature-loving, eco-friendly, and expensive capital city.


  • Ann Long and Nina Bernardo, tour guides based in Italy
  • International economic advisor Loretta Napoleoni, author of "Merchants of Men" (Seven Stories Press)
  • Pål Johansen, tour guide from Oslo, Norway

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  • Loretta Napoleoni is one of the world's leading experts in understanding the growth of jihadist terrorism, and consults world leaders on combating such organizations as Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. She's written several best-selling books on the economics of terrorism, including "Terror Inc." and "The Islamist Phoenix." Her latest book, "Merchants of Men," focuses on how funds from kidnapping and trafficking in refugees is financing the Islamic State.
  • Rick blogs about Oslo.