Program 501: Cardiff; Atlantis; Mostar

Release Date: 10-14-2017


We hear how Mostar — after suffering intense damage in the Bosnian war — has become an attractive tourist destination on the Adriatic cruise circuit, and get an update on its ongoing efforts to bridge old conflicts. And author Mark Adams divulges the four spots most likely to have inspired the legend of Atlantis. Plus, a Welsh tour guide describes the highlights of convivial, rejuvenated Cardiff.


  • Martin DeLewandowicz, tour guide based in Wales
  • Mark Adams, author of "Meet Me in Atlantis" (Dutton)
  • Sanel Marić, tour guide and educator from Bosnia
  • Cameron Hewitt, co-author of the Rick Steves Eastern Europe and Rick Steves Mediterranean Cruise Ports guidebooks.

Related Links

  • The last daily admission to Cardiff Castle is at 5pm.
  • St Fagan's National Museum of History is the open air folk museum that Rick and Martin recommend. It has free admission.
  • Tintern Abbey is the best-preserved medieval abbey in Wales.
  • The four locations Mark Adams explores as the possible location of Atlantis are Agadir on the Atlantic coast of Morroco, the Greek island of Santorini, the island nation of Malta, and  Coto Doñado National Park in southern Spain.
  • Mark Adams also joined Rick on Travel with Rick Steves program #480 in April 2017, to talk about his trek to Machu Picchu in Peru.
  • Rick writes about his visit to Mostar.
  • Cameron Hewitt includes photos of Mostar on his blog entry about the city.

Program Extras

More with Sanel Marich - Rick and his guests Sanel Marić from Bosnia and writer/researcher Cameron Hewitt explain the importance of actor Bruce Lee to the people of Bosnia, and the powerful political message behind a bronze statue of Lee that the citizens have erected at a park in Mostar. (runs 3:27)