Program 503a: The Nez Perce War; American Nomads

Release Date: 11-16-2019


How much are we a product of our nation's history? Learn about the struggles between Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce and US General Oliver Otis Howard in the years following the Civil War. We'll also hear about the growing number of older, "houseless" Americans living full time in RVs and camper vans: For some, it's the ultimate freedom; for others, it's all they have left.


  • Daniel Sharfstein, author of "Thunder in the Mountains" (Norton)
  • Jessica Bruder, author of "Nomadland" (Norton)

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Haiku Awards

In Plovdiv's Rose Valley
pick the petals before the
sun dries their love-oil.
— Leah Watson, Rochester, New York


First blush of sunrise
Sweeps across quiet water
Then bursts into flame
— Celeste Sanford, Kentville, Nova Scotia


radiant sunrise
ascends over Sognefjord
slumbering trolls snore
— Bruce Huang, Rockville, Maryland

Program Extras

More with Jessica Bruder - Jessica Bruder describes the 19-foot 1995 G-M-C Vandora, which she calls “Van Halen,” in which she lived for the two years she traveled the country as a "working nomad." She also expands on the "vamily style" camaraderie that campers can find at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. (runs 4:24)