Program 504: Twentieth Century Berlin; Exploring Romania

Release Date: 11-11-2017


Tour guides from Berlin recommend sites you can visit to better appreciate their city's tumultuous past century, from the Nazi years to the Cold War, and the wall that split Berlin in half. And travel writer Leif Pettersen describes what he enjoyed about living in Romania, and why it's become one of today's best bargain destinations in Europe.


  • Holger Zimmer, tour guide and broadcast producer based in Berlin
  • Maisie Hitchcock, tour guide and broadcaster based in Berlin
  • Travel writer Leif Pettersen, author of "Backpacking with Dracula" (self-published)

Related Links

  • Maisie Hitchcock is a member of the BBS tour guide service in Berlin, and is part of the team that produces a series of English-language podcasts about Berlin called Radio Spaetkauf.
  • Leif Pettersen details Count Vlad Dracula's historical role in Romania on Travel with Rick Steves program #461 from 2016.
  • Leif Pettersen's website  includes a tongue-in-cheek trailer for his book, "Backpacking with Dracula."

Program Extras

More with Leif Pettersen - Rick and travel writer Leif Pettersen discuss the old world Germanic influences you can still find in the Transylvania region of Romania, and how Romania is finally tackling corruption in business and government. (runs 2:39)