Program 508a: Another European Christmas

Release Date: 12-21-2019


Warm up your holidays by including time-tested traditions from the Old World, as Rick learns how friends in Germany, England, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, and the Czech Republic celebrate Christmas. Potato salad and fish stew, anyone?


  • German tour guides Carolina Marburger, Fabian Rueger, and Holger Zimmer
  • English tour guides Liz Boardman, Lorraine Dineen, and Mark Seymour
  • Belgian tour guides Nina Dierckx and Ferdi Menghi
  • George Farkas, tour guide based in Budapest, Hungary
  • Call-out to Portuguese tour guide Claudia da Costa in Lisbon  
  • Katerina Svobodova, tour guide based in Prague, Czech Republic

Additional Info

  • You can watch the Rick Steves European Christmas TV special on demand. Scroll past the script to find a number of Christmas recipes from Rick's European tour guide friends.
  • The Czech-made children's film "Three Nuts for Cinderella" is a holiday-season classic in Germany and Eastern Europe. In English it's also known as "Three Wishes for Cinderella." (In the movie, Cinderella finds three magical hazelnuts that allow her to make a wish.)