Program 508b: Another European Christmas

Release Date: 12-18-2021


Hear about what Europeans are looking forward to at this time of year, from Saint Nicholas Day through Boxing Day, in Germany, England, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, and the Czech Republic — perhaps it's some of grandma's special potato salad to go with the fish stew and figgy pudding!


  • German tour guides Carolina Marburger, Fabian Rueger, and Holger Zimmer
  • English tour guides Liz Boardman, Lorraine Dineen, and Mark Seymour
  • Belgian tour guides Nina Dierckx and Ferdi Menghi
  • George Farkas, tour guide based in Budapest, Hungary
  • Call-out to Portuguese tour guide Claudia daCosta in Lisbon  
  • Katerina Svobodova, tour guide based in Prague, Czech Republic

Additional Info

  • You can watch the Rick Steves European Christmas TV special on demand. The website includes a number of Christmas recipes from Rick's European tour guide friends.
  • The Czech-made children's film "Three Nuts for Cinderella" is a holiday-season classic in Germany and Eastern Europe.  In English it's also known as "Three Wishes for Cinderella." (In the movie, Cinderella finds three magical hazelnuts that allow her to make a wish.)