Program 514: Casanova's Venice; Florida This Year; Caribbean Island People

Release Date: 02-10-2018


Historian Laurence Bergreen takes us to 18th-century Venice, at a time when Casanova called it home. Then journalist Craig Pittman updates us on what Florida is like for vacationers in 2018, and lets us in on local scuttlebutt. And geographer Joshua Jelly-Schapiro reminds us that the Caribbean’s cultural influence extends far beyond hosting cruise ships and beach vacations.


  • Historian Laurence Bergreen, author of  "Casanova: The World of a Seductive Genius"  (Simon and Schuster)
  • Craig Pittman, Tampa Bay Times environment reporter and author of "Oh Florida!"  (St. Martin's Press)
  • Geographer Joshua Jelly-Schapiro, author of "Island People: The Caribbean and the World"  (Vintage)

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