Program 515: Artists of Spain; Being Welsh; Being Bosnian

Release Date: 02-24-2018


We look at the top sites where you can experience firsthand the groundbreaking contributions of Spain's greatest artists. Then tour guides from Wales and Bosnia share the facets of their nationalities that mean most to them — such as the Welsh fortitude for enduring the blustery climate that produces such beautiful landscapes, and Bosnians' knack for using humor to defuse the thornier aspects of life in the Balkans.


  • Federico García Barroso, tour guide based in Madrid
  • Gene Openshaw, art and history specialist, and co-author of "Rick Steves' Europe 101"
  • Martin de Lewandowicz, tour guide/historian from North Wales
  • Sanel Marić, tour guide and educator from Mostar, Bosnia
  • Amir Telebecirovic, journalist and tour guide based in Sarajevo

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