Program 522: Scotland Itineraries; Nafplio

Release Date: 04-28-2018


Tour guides from Scotland recommend their favorite Caledonian experiences, from elegant Edinburgh to clan castles in the Highlands, and even budget getaways for backpackers. Then a pair of world travelers explain why they’ve settled down in Greece’s Nafplio, the picturesque Peloponnesian town that’s a getaway for big-city Athenians, a jumping-off point for history-rich sights nearby, and delightful in its own right.


  • Anne Doig, tour guide based in Edinburgh
  • James Macletchie, tour guide based on Uist, in the Outer Hebrides Islands 
  • Nicos Hadjicostis, author of "Destination Earth" (Bamboo Leaf Press)
  • Jane Kayantas, fellow-traveler with Nicos

Additional Info

  • Anne Doig talks about her work as a tour guide to Scotland.
  • Anne recommends making time to see Stirling Castle
  • Rick and the guides recommend visiting the Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel in Glasgow.
  • Anne recommends Megabus and City Linking for bus transport between the remote towns of Scotland, which offer budget fares with advance reservations. For students, inexpensive youth hostel-related bus lines include Rabbies Tours, Trail Raiders, Haggis Adventures, The Wee Red Bus, MacBackpackers Tours, among others.
  • Nicos Hadjicostis has written "Destination Earth" to discuss what he learned on a six-year round-the-world adventure. Nicos writes a series of "Tuesday Letters" blog observations, from his home in Nafplio. 
  • Rick's online info about Nafplio, also called "Nafplion," and the island of Hydra.
  • Nicos says that three of the most beautiful Greek islands are not far from Nafplio: the pedestrian-only islands of Hydra and Spetses, plus easy-to-reach Poros.