Program 523: Language Vacations; Expat Mexico City; YOLO Los Angeles

Release Date: 05-05-2018


Get recommendations from a language buff for learning a new tongue overseas, then listen in as an American expat explains why he's called Mexico City home for the past 25 years — and why the Mexican capital is becoming a magnet for many others from around the Americas. Plus, hear from the author of a new guidebook about fun ways to experience the creative spirit of Los Angeles.


  • Tour guide Cary Walker
  • David Lida, author of "One Life" (The Unnamed Press) and "First Stop in the New World: Mexico City, the Capital of the 21st Century" (Riverhead Books)
  • Taj Bates, author of the YOLO Guide to Los Angeles and Southern California (Striver's Row Press)

Additional Info

  • Cary Walker used Melissa Muldoon's website to find local homestay language tutors in Italy.
  • David Lida is the author of "One Life," loosely based on his mitigation work on behalf of undocumented Mexicans, charged with capital offenses in the United States.  He also wrote "First Stop in the New World," to describe how Mexico City is poised to be the Western Hemisphere's most important city in the 21st century. 
  • David Lida also provides customized tours of Mexico City neighborhoods.
  • The New York Times put Mexico City at the top of its "52 places to go" list for 2016.
  • The Visit California website has links for getting tickets to be in the studio audience for a TV show.

Program Extras

More with Cary Walker - Cary Walker shares with Rick a few useful Italian words you should know when shopping, or while strolling the local passeggiata in Italy, to help you fit in. (runs 2:01)