Program 525: Day in New York; NYC High Line; Germany 2018

Release Date: 05-26-2018


Get tips from guidebook author Pauline Frommer on how to make the most of a New York City stopover, and hear how the city's High Line greenway has become one of its best places to stroll and people-watch. Then listen in as tour guides from Berlin share their recommendations for the most enjoyable special events taking place across Germany this year.


  • Pauline Frommer, author of "Frommer's Easy Guide to New York City" (Frommer Media)
  • Catie Marron, chair of Friends of the High Line and author of "City Squares" (Harper Collins)
  • Maisie Hitchcock, Caroline Marburger, and Holger Zimmer, tour guides based in Berlin

Additional Info

Haiku Awards

Swelter silly pines
Melt into snapshot vistas  
Local maximum

Black racer, smooth snake  
Skims past shoes toward crisp oak leaves
Fear in underbrush

— Paul Smith, Greensboro North Carolina 


Honeysuckle day
A kiss on a hilltop waits
Will you walk with me?

— Karen Miller, Fernandina Beach, Florida

Program Extras

More with Pauline Frommer - Pauline Frommer tells Rick about the Russian nightclubs you can still go to, for cross-cultural fun in Brooklyn's Brighton Beach neighborhood. (runs 1:06)