Program 529a: Newfoundland Tour; Canada Day; Drink Dat New Orleans

Release Date: 06-25-2022


Explore what Canada has to offer! Newfoundland's Alan Doyle recommends sights to enjoy the rugged beauty of his Atlantic island home. Comedian and author Rick Mercer shares some of his favorite places to enjoy across Canada. Plus, raise a glass to New Orleans as Elizabeth Pearce unveils how to appreciate the history of America's most "spirited city" through the kinds of cocktails it serves.


  • Singer/musician Alan Doyle, author of "Light Tales for Heavy Times" (Doubleday Canada) and "Where I Belong" (Anchor Canada)
  • Comedian Rick Mercer, author of "Talking to Canadians" (Doubleday Canada) and former host of The Rick Mercer Report on CBC-TV
  • New Orleans-based tour guide Elizabeth Pearce, author of "Drink Dat" (Countryman Press) and "The French Quarter Drinking Companion" (Pelican Publishing)

Additional Info

  • Alan Doyle includes video productions of songs from his albums on his website. 
  • Alan's latest book, "All Together Now" promises "Light Tales for Heavy Times."
  • Rick Mercer hosted the Rick Mercer Report for 15 years on CBC-TV in Canada.
  • Rick Mercer's most recent bestseller is a memoir called "Talking to Canadians," released in 2021.  
  • Elizabeth Pearce wrote "Drink Dat" as a guide to the variety of drinking establishments in New Orleans.
  • On her Drink and Learn Walking Tours of New Orleans, Elizabeth provides adult participants with samples of four of the city's iconic cocktails, and explains how those drinks illuminate the city's landmarks and historic characters.
  • Elizabeth suggests that the finest cocktails in New Orleans are served at Arnaud's French 75 bar in the French Quarter.  

Program Extras

More with Alan Doyle - Alan Doyle explains how the fishing industry has changed in his Newfoundland hometown, since the cod moratorium of the 1990s. (runs 1:02)