Program 529b: Newfoundland with Alan Doyle; Rick Mercer's Canada Day; Drink Dat New Orleans

Release Date: 06-29-2024


A Newfoundland musician lets us in on the sights he recommends to best enjoy the rugged beauty of his Atlantic island home. Then an award-winning Canadian TV personality shares his own favorite places and things to enjoy across Canada. Plus, a culinary historian raises a glass to New Orleans and unveils how to appreciate the history of America's most "spirited" city through its distinctive cocktails.


  • Singer/musician Alan Doyle, author of "Light Tales for Heavy Times" (Doubleday Canada) and "Where I Belong" (Anchor Canada)
  • Comedian Rick Mercer, author of "The Road Years" (Doubleday Canada) and former host of The Rick Mercer Report on CBC-TV
  • New Orleans-based tour guide Elizabeth Pearce, author of "Drink Dat" (Countryman Press) and "The French Quarter Drinking Companion" (Pelican Publishing)

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