Program 533: Holiday in Iraqi Kurdistan; Traveling Solo; Croatia's Greatest Hits

Release Date: 08-04-2018


Tim Neville discusses why you'd enjoy vacationing in northern Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. Travel writer Stephanie Rosenbloom explores the advantages of traveling solo and how to do it without feeling all alone. And tour guides from the Balkans recommend their favorite places to explore along the coast of Croatia.


  • Travel writer Tim Neville
  • New York Times travel columnist Stephanie Rosenbloom, author of "Alone Time" (Viking)
  • Tour guides Tina Hiti and Marijan Krišković

Additional Info

  • Tim Neville wrote about his tour of Iraqi Kurdistan in a feature article for the New York Times. The tour company he used is Kurdistan Iraq Tours, based in Erbil.
  • Stephanie Rosenbloom is a columnist for the New York Times travel section.
  • Stephanie wrote "Alone Time," to explore the advantages she's found in traveling solo.
  • Stephanie recommends the group Solo Traveler World, which maintains a presence on Facebook, and researching groups on in the places where you will be traveling.
  • Marijan Kriskovic recommends visiting the uncowded Elaphite islands near Dubrovnik. Tina Hiti notes that the Mamma Mia movie sequel was filmed on the island of Vis, and calls the hill town of Groznjan, near the Slovenian border, one of her favorites. Caller Martina enjoyed the Sea Organ art installation at Zadar.  Rick says his favorite coastal town in Croatia is Rovinj on the Istrian Peninsula.
  • Tina recommends visiting the innovative Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb.
  • Tina Hiti's website is called PG-Slovenia
  • Tour guide Marijan Kriskovic is on Facebook.