Program 537: Caesar Shuffle; More Michael Wood's China; Pleasure Activist

Release Date: 09-08-2018


Roman tour guide Francesca Caruso recommends places to explore in the Eternal City that give you a particularly vivid feel for its centuries of history. Then historian Michael Wood describes how China's updated infrastructure makes it easy to reach his favorite sights in this fascinating country. And author Fred Plotkin discusses how you can eat and travel well when you engage your surroundings with an eye toward pure enjoyment.


  • Rome-based tour guide Francesca Caruso
  • Manchester-based historian and documentary producer Michael Wood
  • Fred Plotkin, author of "Italy for the Gourmet Traveler"  

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Haiku Awards

Beijing night market
Deep-fried scorpion skewers
Our feet hurry past
— Debbie Hall, Escondido, California


Springtime in Devon
Newborn lambs primroses praise
Drink cream tea with me
— Sally Slotterback, Lavelle, Pennsylvania


In Portugal, this
vegetarian fell for
the black pork sandwich
— James Rodgers, Pacific, Washington