Program 542: Ghost Towns of the West; Heroes of Ireland; Savage Harvest

Release Date: 10-27-2018


Author Jim Hinckley joins us to recommend Old West ghost towns that you can still visit. Then Irish singer Cathie Ryan describes how Ireland remembers its heroes through the lyrics of traditional songs. And journalist Carl Hoffman shares his deeply researched take on the mysterious disappearance of banking scion Michael Rockefeller in the jungles of New Guinea.


  • Jim Hinckley, co-author of "Ghost Towns of the West" (Voyageur Press)
  • Singer Cathie Ryan
  • Reporter Carl Hoffman, author of "Savage Harvest" (William Morrow-Harper Collins)

Additional Info

Haiku Awards

Ohio River
bratwurst mustard on my nose
scenic Roebling bridge
— Jim Snyder, Chuluota, Florida 


Mist over the moors
Daylight goes gray yearning for
fall to turn hopeful
— Roy Barnes, Cheyenne, Wyoming 


Puppets reenact
Pulp Fiction with tiny guns
Strings tangle, limbs fly
​— Jorie Slodki, Raleigh, North Carolina 

Program Extras

More with Jim Hinckley - Jim Hinckley tells us about one of the last of the old timers he remembers from the ghost towns he's visited, and shares the Legend of the Red Camel that has persisted in the Arizona desert for more than 100 years. (runs 3:14)